Crane House was established in 1970 by a professional team having experience of 40 years in design, development and manufacturing of induction furnaces, Heaters for steel industries, Overhead Cranes, Hoist Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Swing Jib Cranes. The Excellent product quality and strong backup support have enabled the company to contribute significantly in the growth of steel sector in the country. In a very short time of 25 years we have added millions of tones of steel per year in the local market and abroad like Sudan and Afghanistan.

The company is producing Hoist Cranes from 10 tones to 250 tones lifting capacity with a maximum span of 190 feet. To satisfy our customers we continuously update our design in induction melting and heating with high efficiencies according to contemporary technical requirements.

img2Crane House solves all the problems in ferrous and aluminum, copper, brass, gunmetal, zinc, cast iron and magnesium etc. In the past years the steel and plastic molding market in the country has become tougher, thus resulting in ever-reduced profit for the manufacturers. The various technological innovations introduced in the last few years to improve the various single areas of the long product productive cycle benefitted production cast to a certain extent, but not in such a way as to enable a radical cut of cash costs. The only way to achieve a substantial reduction in production cost was to develop high frequency melting and heating. Prototype is read for production.