Freestanding vertical post mounted Swing Jib Cranes in this category are either bolted to the floor or wall mounted. Cranes that bolt to the floor can be supplied with a small base plate for connection to a bespoke installed concrete foundation or with an over sized base plate for bolting to a customer’s structurally suitable concrete floor. Wall mounted swing jib lifting cranes do not have the vertical post and so are bolted directly to a wall or horizontal steel structure.

Our swing jib cranes are for lifting materials and not for lifting people though if you do have an application for a man riding jib crane we can make specials to our customers requirements. They cannot be used for man-riding application as advertised in this category. All our swing jib cranes can be supplied complete with a hoist to suit your requirements. Please contact us for a quote, we look forward to receiving your inquiry.

A Jib Crane is an overhead crane that that can be installed or be portable (movable) it can be floor mounted, wall mounted or even roof (ceiling) mounted and has a swinging arm (which may articulate) that cantilevers from the structural mounting point / pivot point. It can be manually rotated or electrically powered and can be fitted with lifting equipment as per your requirements; manual, electric pneumatic or hydraulic. We can supply a standard range of jib crane or bespoke jib crane design’s. A swing jib crane provides a cost effective lifting solution without taking up excess floor space.